“*Dr. Kenneth Zike has said that at least 50% of the children with learning problems referred to the neurological clinic at his hospital had had no traumas, no birth injuries, and no other physical deviations. Their trouble seemed to come from pressure - pressure to do a task that they did not have the maturity to do.”

~Borrowed from Robert Jackson on the world wide web.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Short Week!

Good morning all! Happy Monday!
This week is a short week with short days. Dismissal will be at 1:00 pm (12:50 pm for 1st grade).
P.A.M. 10:05 am-10:30 am
Lunch 10:40-11:00
There is no homework this week.
Please allow your child to wear their PJs on Tuesday as a special reward. (If they do not want to it is okay!)
We will have PE on Tuesday so sneakers are a must, no slippers.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Call for help

The morning custodian at school, whom I see every morning at 6:30 am as I walk in the building, stopped me and asked me about hand me down clothes. She has family living outside of the country who are so poor they barely eat. She was asking me for Jay's outgrown warm, winter type clothing. They need infant on up to late teen clothing. If you have any boy or girl clothes that your children have outgrown and no longer have a use for...I am sure she would be grateful to have the chance to send them on to her family. Just bring it in to me at school, I will be happy to pass it along to her.