“*Dr. Kenneth Zike has said that at least 50% of the children with learning problems referred to the neurological clinic at his hospital had had no traumas, no birth injuries, and no other physical deviations. Their trouble seemed to come from pressure - pressure to do a task that they did not have the maturity to do.”

~Borrowed from Robert Jackson on the world wide web.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Run ~~~ Fall Fun Day!

Working backwards from end of day to the beginning! You will find photos of the Fall Fun Day and the Fun Run. What a great day!
You tube will not let me upload videos...but enjoy the pics!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday: High Touch High Tech and then some!

Every year, PTA raises money through membership and the Booster Thon to bring amazing things to our classrooms. This year, PTA provided High Touch High Tech "Dig In" for our classroom and all of first grade. The total cost for first grade was 1000 dollars. ( I have to admit, worth every penny!!!) A wonderful scientist came to our classroom and talked to our children about "science" and further about rocks and minerals. The children had the opportunity to dig for gems like the people of the Gold Rush Age. After collecting their gems, they went back into the classroom and learned many things about their rocks and minerals. They even put them through an acid test.(vinegar) ASK THEM! They will tell you all about it.
But, until then...enjoy the photos!

So, when you think you can not stand to hear one more thing about booster thon...please know that the funds raised goes towards activities like these!
Of course, we missed our lunch time and were able to have lunch out on the picnic tables. Of course I forgot to take a picture until the very end!

Another fun surprise today was our new High School senior Peer Mentor. They volunteer their time to our classroom. They are an extra hand to help and to encourage the children. His name is Paul. We call him Mr. Paul. Today he called out the numbers for number bingo and then helped clean up. Once we returned inside from recess. I gave the children a couple of minutes at a time to introduce themselves and tell him a little about themselves. I over heard the conversations and he is a wonderful addition to our class! He has already proven himself a young man of great character!
This past weekend, Froggy went home with Emily. She sent us a picture!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Stories were read, skits were watched, pumpkins were oogled, and candy was passed out. Mmm...I forgot how much I love Almond Joy's! Yes, it is true I grabbed a candy for me!

Vic's mom read to us. I love her voice. I have never wished for another voice before, but I wish I had hers!

Somehow I missed Jack's mom reading to us. I loved the story she chose! It was about a jack o lantern who didn't scare anyone...except himself when he saw his reflection in the mirror!

See that Almond Joy...yes the one on top...that was mine! :o)

These pumpkins were decorated by 1st and kindergarten.
We received a surprise skit. (They were right in the middle of saying, DRAT!)
Here is the skit.

The start of our bulletin board!
The boys worked together on a lego project today.
If you are wondering how your child gets so much sand in their shoes...it could be because of this.
If you are wondering how they get sand every where else...

It's the snow angels. It was so cute watching them decide that this was a great idea to do and join in on the fun. I am so glad I accidentally had my camera out on the playground! Sorry it is so short.

Upcoming activities:
Monday: High Touch High Tech "Dig it" 10 30 am to 12 pm, pack a lunch, we are having lunch on the picnic tables! (You can still get a lunch in the cafeteria.) Tuesday: Wear a red t-shirt for red ribbon week. "The choice for me is drug free." Super Science Wednesday: Booster Thon Fun Run, Fall Fun Day 12:25-1:45 Thursday: Field Trip, "How I became a Pirate" at the Orland Rep Theatre, lunch at Denning Park Friday: NO SCHOOL!!! Teacher work day and conferences.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know that Haley fell last evening and hit the back of her head. She was in the hospital overnight and was hopefully being released today. She has a concussion and fractured her skull. We talked about this in class today. I spoke to her this morning and she sounded good. She was being kept for observation.

Flat Stanley is on the move! Keep up with his adventures on the blog!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Feet will take me...

The story we are reading this week is, "Boots for Beth".
We are talking about quotation marks in reading and writing. Your child will know them better as "yakkity yaks"! The children wrote where their feet would take them on an adventure.

"My feet will take me to the library."

"My feet will take me to Sanibel Island."

"My feet will take me to a volcano and I will crack the volcano."

"My feet will take me to a hot dog stand."

"My feet will take me to a forest."

"My feet will take me to shark land. I will see cool sharks. I will go swimming with them."

"My feet will take me to school."

"My feet will help me walk in an alligators mouth."

"My feet will take me to the zoo."

Alex Z.:
"My feet will take me to Sea World."

"My feet will take me to the feet store."

"My feet will take me to the beach."

"My feet will take me to the park."

"My feet will take me to the baseball game."

Alexander K.
"My feet will take me to Animal Kingdom and take me all of the time."

"My feet will take me to the forest and walk down this path to look at the forest."

"My feet will take me to around the world."

"My feet will bring me to Ariel."


Lake Mary Fall Festival at the Farmers Market

I love a good farmers market! Throw in a fall festival, and I am in! Unfortunately, I am going to be out of town this weekend. I thought I would pass this along if any of you are interested in taking your family!
Saturday, Oct. 24th from 8:30AM to 1PM!

Free games and prizes for the kids!

Free crafts with Michael’s Arts & Crafts.

Free painting, bubbles, stickers and more by My Gym of Lake Mary.

Pumpkin Patch and pumpkin painting.

Children’s fashion show at 10:30AM at the Gazebo by Sweet Cheeks Boutique.

Card crafts for kids by Creative Memories.

Entertainment by DJ Michael “Wildman” Wade.

Lake Mary Farmer’s Market is at Lake Mary City Hall on the corner of Lake Mary Blv and Fourth Street.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Booster Thon

Your children are going to be coming home this evening pumped up about booster thon. I will have video of this soon! You will find a blue newsletter coming hom in your child's folder. This explains why we are doing booster thon. This year it is totally done online and so super easy to access!

Check out www.funrun.com. Your child has a top secret passport to booster thon in their folders too. There are 3 D glasses for them to use to watch the movie.

Try and get as many sponsors as you can for your child. Perhaps, you could check and see if your place of work is willing to make a donation.

Here's the thing. I understand that times are tight right now. So, make of it what you can!

The proceeds benefit our school and most importantly...OUR CLASSROOM! My classroom will receive 10% of what our classroom earns. We are trying to raise money to get a rug since ours was scooped up and given to the new kindergarten teacher right out from underneath us. This has left us without a circle time rug.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spelling Words

Week of October 19-23:


Please remember to capitalize the first letter of a persons name.


Featuring Flat Students!